About Me

Liubov Kartashova

My name is Liubov Kartashova. I'm a photographer. I love my job very much. With love and responsibility I approach the photo process. I live in the city of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. However, I travel a lot, and I can go to any corner for a good photo shoot. My passion for art is endless. I enjoy photography because I love people, their emotions, moments of joy and feelings. Your time and your memories are invaluable!

Save the great moments of your life!

NYIP Membership Badge

I have always wanted to improve my photography skills. I am very pleased that I had a chance to study at NYIP. This training has borne fruit - I have learned many useful things. I am especially grateful to Philip Mauro, Deborah Matlack, Walter Karling for evaluating my work - it was very helpful for me.

Thank you New York Institute of Photography